Luxurious coffee the easy way

Use your own coffee or espresso machine to make a coffee of your choice. Pour the content of one cup into you coffee and your luxurious coffee-Cafétique is ready.

Cafétique Italian Coffee - Classic Amaretto Liqueur

Bittersweet almond with a gentle aroma of vanilla and spice. Smooth, sweet and rounded. Very sophisticated. Delizioso!

Cafétique French Coffee - Orange Liqueur

Rich and layered, based on fine cognac (15%), with a hint of natural orange and citrus. Warm and deep. Délicieux!

Cafétique Irish Coffee - Liqueur based on Whisky

Woody and sweet. Complex and delicate. Warming yet mild, with a subtle kick. Delicious!

Cafétique Spanish Coffee - Traditional Coffee Liqueur

Smooth and elegant, with mocha, vanilla and chocolate notes. Alluring. Subtly exotic. Delicioso!

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